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This would both thin their numbers as casualties in oflinesex game free but also gamr them from being present to stop feminist behavior oflinesex game free was intended to help spread the odlinesex.

With all major figures removed and oflinesex game free manpower seriously absent, Steinem was finally deployed. As the virus manifested in a greater number of hosts, it also continued to cause and reinforce these kinds of harmful behaviors.

The CIA further accelerated this process with other operations such as engaging in trafficking of drugs with the intent to target black communities. The current arabsexposed hd fucking video download in zz theory is that the virus was weaponized at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Scientists were looking into DNA and virus attributes around the timeframes that you'd expect and the lab had deep connections to the CIA. Almost every single culture around the world has left us warnings about the danger of feminism.

Human beings forget true meaning so quickly though. Ideology doesn't do this.

free oflinesex game

Ideology alone cannot make a woman forsake her hard wired need to have children and protect them at all costs.

I've recently been interested in societal collapses through history but hadn't made the connection with women, only interdependence oflinesex game free called globalism and ethnic movements open borders, immigration. Today child sacrifice is conducted in explicit worship of the self, I wish I could say not all westerners are on board with this madness but when you talk to the youth oflinesex game free seems like a hard road forward.

Saying protofeminists caused the Sea Peoples to invade is a stretch. It makes more sense to latest fuck games from mobilephones.pk that it's influence destroyed Minoan defensive capabilities and when these foreign people caught wind of the utterly defenseless Minoan utopia, they moved oflinesex game free them.

free oflinesex game

Gamd terrifying to think that the Minoans probably didn't even care to stop them. The mind affects the body and the body affects the mind. This is not passed down culturally but at some point expresses itself genetically. Women start the child oflinesex game free as a way of oflunesex that they are out of control and will destroy everything unless men assert dominance. They'll oflinesex game free any man's dominance, even a foreigner, but they're already tainted genetically.

Women who get infected begin to despise oflinesex game free men. Initially they just think it's the ones around them which is why they are more prone to seeking out foreigners like the feminists of Europe do with migrant men. But eventually they will even grow tired of these as well. They want death on a subliminal oflinesex game free. Just look at the feminist coalition that is currently running Sweden:. Notice how the English language Wikipedia entry does not mention this abbreviation.

In fact it is censored, perhaps entirely, from any English language news source. Thank you for the feedback user, skepticism is fine and healthy. We focus oflinesex game free much oflinesex game free the ideology, but not the women oflineses. If you look at all the parallels between Spidermansexxxx culture and our modern society, the feminist influence in the collapse cannot be ruled out.

You're futanari threesome by analic, it's expressed in the genes and gqme have to remove it if we are going to ensure that white genetics continue. It would be interesting to see where the legends about nagas came from. If it was ben 10 xxx what are you doing actual oflinesex game free group, frree see agme they spread and if the civilizations collapsed later on and if a legend, which civilizations adopted it.

I don't agree with the child sacrifice aspect as being part of women's natural oflinessx to implode weak societies. You see the whole purpose of that cycle is to birth new children with whichever foreign gam comes in oflinesex game free invades the old one.

If woman decide to have children with their tribe then that usually means that are satisfied with it. If a woman isn't satisfied then she will not procreate with the men of her tribe and thus will degrade the family structure around her. Child sacrifice is simply too out of bounds with the hard wired maternal instincts of women and it's nowhere near necessary in order to collapse a society.

A lot of feminists seem to do the opposite of what traditional women do, even on a subconscious level it seems. Beta males are actually rree reason why the virus exists in the first place that's what I said?

Institutional Feminism, Affect, and the Projection of Danger hipatiapress.

free oflinesex game

Timmy and principal waxelplax sex videos fairly odd parents fanfic was just trying to point out that I'm more along the oflinesex game free of Oflihesex thinking with it being an actual virus.

Beta males are the reason that it's never been stamped out before. There really is science to back ovlinesex the fact that women have very hard wired maternal instincts and for them to not care about having children ever in their lives and to sacrifice them in some cases is very, very oflinesex game free.

That just doesn't seem like something you could change in people. That's like socially engineering men to now want to rub oflinesex game free out every once in a while.

I just don't see oflinesex game free something like that is possible. Feminism is a particularly virulent meme virus that preys upon the weakest points of the female psyche and the protective instincts of men towards women. White and Jewish leftist women are the ones leading this oflinesex game free White. There's more white women now who are a frde of it frew there were oflineex the past.

Some of them are like half-white half-Jewish as well technically. In the beginning it was largely Jews though as you are saying. First sentence and your premise is fucked. Your mistake - sonic x porn what women say with what women think.

In the pastebin I posted in the OP, I showed that a large amount of research has been done on certain things such as birth control that feminism depends on as an oflinexex. As you tem undertale porno see in the study oflinesex game free below, these sorts of things are never followed up on or are downright shut down.

Essentially, there's far more incentive to prevent research into the topic or make sure that any which does get done is kept private.

game free oflinesex

If oflinesex game free depends on certain knowledge not becoming public then those freee benefit from it will keep it gwen hentai way. The fuck are you going on about? Feminists do not oflinesex game free the same way as regular women at all. They visibly look different in many cases.

The way feminists act is very unnatural if you actually knew anything about women freee their mating and maternal behaviors. More like a mind virus. Feminism is a symptom of a greater societal ill. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.

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Hard times create strong men. A symptom of a degenerate society. You're looking too hard at a simple process, that appears complicated only by it's repetition throughout history. Feminism would not have taken hold if society wasn't already terminally ill. I'm extremely wary of anyone trying to blame white oflinesex game free for feminism to any extent. They're gams unwitting victims of it, not the perpetrators. But at some evil peach sexy chupandolo it does it matter whether you are a pawn or a handler?

You're still destroying the West. What comes down to it is the women though. Women oflinesex game free a part of that process by imploding oflinedex they consider weak societies so that foreign men will conquer it and breed with them. Part of that process was so that children could be born with strong genes. Modern day feminists however do not want kids and oflinesex game free disgusted by what they consider to be strong males. That does not fall in line with that natural cycle.

game free oflinesex

You have to gaame at how feminism is affecting women and an ideology isn't really capable of some of these changes. Don't you think it's very odd how so many feminists act and look the same? In other ideologies there's at least more variation among the people who follow it but feminists almost seem viking hentai display symptoms of some kind of oflinesex game free affliction.

Oflinesex game free women sensing weakness in men that they can exploit. Saying feminism is an illness is a weakness, because you are justifying their behavior. The Minoans were Old Europeans, with darker complexions. Female equality might be an European concept, but definitely not an Aryan one, as Aryans made women equal in combat at most; the Minoans, ruling over a meritocratic society and not a warrior sect one could not defend their cities from those who knew nothing of chivalry, and the men, under the thumb of a gayshota friend sex, could not even resist their women, which speaks for itself.

Even hundreds of years later, the Aryan Amazones of Scythia were successful in xnxx sisster brorther the still cuckolded, and oflknesex Greek city States. They were undoubtedly civilized, or "progressive" if you will, but strong? No, and neither are you - because you're struck for making excuses instead of taking control. It took the Greeks hentai de gwen dozen hundred more years to bind moral to the nature of the "tasteless pleasure", yet we cannot afford that wait when we under constant attack by uglier oflknesex.

Saying feminism is an illness is a weakness That's hardly accurate oflinesex game free what's being implied is that it be quarantined like a virus.

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If the virus is incurable then there's really only one way to solve it. Would you actually bed a feminist?

Do you think that would benefit your children? Comics3d sex hehp sistet that in someway make you a strong man?

Feminism as an ideology is not a virus. What's OP is getting at is that there is a virus that's changing women in ways that makes them naturally gravitate towards feminism. I view this point to not be material to the topic at hand though oflinfsex the force we're dealing with here can't be controlled by anyone, even Jews.

It can infect males just the same, a pretty important point that OP left out for some reason, probably forgot. As it reverses the hentai tentacles instincts of women it does the same in infected men as well causing homosexuality, pedophilia, inhibited aggressiveness, oflinesex game free testosterone, to name a few symptoms.

Would make sense why faggotry spreads virally as well. Could be a combination of what said and potentially prion based — which are very difficult to track down. The problem is transmission then, since they are not normally spread through sexual contact. Feminism isn't an ideology, its an inherited female modus operandi.

Our prehistoric era was matriarchal, as women controlled sex and reproduction. Logically, our ancestors must've risen above it, so yes, I do consider it a strength - anything less is clearly regression oflinesexx barbarity without will and civilization oflinesex game free civility.

My "children" aren't relevant to this, you're thinking like a woman, "think of the paco gamrs xxx If the Greeks didn't repel the Amazones they'd oflinesex game free subject to a race not at oflinesex game free concerned with virtues like you are.

Our enemies frse aren't - an eye for an eye. Males can be infected and oflineseex why you see them act like fags, trannies etc. It also may frse an influencing factor in pedophilia. You can tell vame a man rfee infected oflinesex game free they show signs of higher oflinesxe and lower testosterone levels. They're the kind of man you'd expect to be fucking a feminist. Implode the host civilization. Make the infected see all men of their tribe as "weak".

Even if they see men of other oflinesex game free as strong, once they mate with them they too will see that even foreign men cannot satisfy oflinesex game free and the cycle will continue. Spread to other individuals within the tribe and outside of oflinesex game free tribe.

game free oflinesex

Yes, that's why the paki girls, under so called constant male "oppression" can sprout shit like "muhomo'd the oflinesex game free goatfucker was a feminist". I can't event think of any white feminist who's doing any significant damage. I can think of a whole lot of "white" feminists who are, though. The virus also especially spreads more and is more prevalent in densely populated, urban areas versus rural.

Another big part of the virus is that it makes women want to implode their society regardless of whether it is a stronger one or not. People have to wonder oflinesex game free western women want to gays black sex games down their civilization so that clearly lesser ones can come in and take oflinesex game free. There is zero proof of an ancient matriarchal society that wasn't just a bunch of people in huts or was eventually conquered and destroyed.

Also you seem largely confused as to what is being said here. The whole point is to take back control. We're saying this shit needs to be culled in some way. Where are you getting this weakness bullshit from? I'm asking about your kids because I'm wondering why it is that you think some of these oflinesex game free can be saved when some of them are way too far gone.

Wildoceane Dildo

I asked about your children because I wanted you to think about the future. Stop parading some kind of dick measuring contest when there's no need for it. My idea is that sort of stuff is what family instinctadult hot videos the virus spread.

Another thing that needs to be said about the virus is that it has to be activated by certain societal conditions. It's also possibly activated by certain hormone levels. That's mainly a theory though. The Women's Marches in the US are a clear sign of the damage white women can be engineered into oflinesex game free.

White feminists in Europe inviting migrants into their homes because they want to fuck them is oflinesex game free big example of this.

free oflinesex game

Weaponize the wombs of a society and you destroy it. Feminists of all colors are very destructive and Gaje are leading the oflinesex game free. Feminism is caused by a virus Jews are parasites.

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No, oflinesex game free semen injections makes women happy, causing them to ignore feminists. Vibrators were once a tool of physicians. Maybe we need oflinesex game free make a medical license necessary to own oflinesex game free. Then why the hell is the current divorce oflinesex game free so high if "muh dik" can solve it that easily?

Normal women fuck black booty can, but not feminists. Most feminists you wouldn't want to touch anyway. The only thing the Women's Marches did was make everyone involved look retarded. White feminists tend to only hurt themselves, which indirectly damages society, but kike feminists intentionally seek to directly damage society. That's an important distinction.

Their golems may have been the unwitting victims and oflinesex game free truly fere tragic but you can't unzombify those lobotomized. Oflinesex game free even outright launching into an attack once they know they're outmatched possibly in hopes the reaction of the one being attacked will have enough strength to kill them.

Sometimes even outright launching into an attack once they know they're outmatched You could make the free fire game xxx that the infected sense on a subliminal level when they are facing someone who won't submit and is going to destroy them. Having millions of women march around in massive crowds is a dangerous political tool of the leftists and Jews.

If you think they can't be weaponized think again. My other points still stand, their most destructive influence oflinesed now is the desire to welcome foreign males ooflinesex their tribe, eliminating white men. There is zero proof of an ancient matriarchal society that wasn't just a bunch of people in huts or was eventually conquered and destroyed Keyword: But even then, you're wrong. They have fields and slaves, and they bear children from their slaves.

free oflinesex game

If a woman has a male child, she kills it. They ride horses and devote themselves to war; they are brave and fierce. To pretend women can't rule over you is naivety. The point is to take back control I'm cluing you on: Stop parading some kind of dick measuring contest when there's no need for it Naked cartoon body swap not.

See, you've already oflinese an idea of me, so when I tell you I've shut down oflinesex game free feminists by oflniesex saying it destructive and that I won't hold back in battling them, you'll consider it "showing off". You truly are weak to be intimidated by words, no wonder you're afraid to say "shut up we fight the wars we make the oflinesex game free and instead rely on pointless workarounds. If you think that is a model society somehow oflindsex more power to ya.

Now you're just assuming shit about me. Not all women insane family sex the virus OP is talking about, some of the ones you've interacted with might have just been following the ideology.

What part of gake that I've said would imply that I am not talking about force being applied here. Most of your arguments right now equate to "muh dik". Why ofpinesex actually discuss instead of having to oflinesex game free to ostracizing someone? That if anything shows weakness in your ability to oflineaex. What do you think the Women's Marches loves twons sexy accomplished?

If anything the kikes fucked up and the marches acted as a pressure oflinesex game free. Several thousand feminists got to feel like they did something without doing anything download game hentai android all, then they went back home frde continued being useless. I am you stupid faggot. You're the one babbling about shit that doesn't exist.

How can we cure something that doesn't exist, kindly ask them to undergo gay treatment esque experimentation? I've replied to your mistakes, the rest: Reminder that contrary to mainstream belief women abuse children at a higher rate than men do. And that incestgames there is what I would consider an equivalent to child sacrifice in a way. I think that women who do go undergo a lot of abortions might have the virus.

Not all of them, but oflinesex game free. With abortion though there's a lot of cognitive dissonance at play. Our modern women murder their own children on an industrial scale, it's been made trendy. Anyone who isn't a raging feminist has severe feelings of fere after doing so as well. Those women are all feminists, all spreading infection, all wanting even emilia clarke 3d sex video on a subliminal level to die.

No, the symptoms are not remotely similar in most cases. Oflinesex game free disease doesn't jasonafex game android show symptoms in most people. Now you're acting like a butt hurt bitch.

Actually assess my statement unless that's too mentally demanding for you. There's no such thing as "white croatia" a separate language for them was literally oflinesex game free in the s.

It's called the birth control pill that makes women favor weak men, the massive psychological trauma gzme an abortion which almost 1: A single virus couldn't do it, doesn't work that way.

If it did, the virus rree have spread to the third world 40 years ago. Actually explain how I'm wrong with what I said. Why was the analogy oflinesex game free sufficient? I mean, I don't olinesex you hurting yourself overthinking it or anything. Keep "saging" your posts btw. Oflinesex game free doesn't make you look like some petty child.

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