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Parent reviews for Saints Row 2

This content is likely to be disturbing to children. There is also icarly porn risk of children becoming desensitised or inured over the long term to violence, and trivialising it, seeing it as amusing or exciting.

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The likelihood of injury to the public good is avoided by restricting this ssints to players aged 13 and over. Teenagers and adults are likely to separate saints row babes nude participation in the game world from real life violence. This classification is considered reasonable, demonstrably justifiable, and the minimum mia kalingaxxx applicable, in order to prevent likely injury to the public good.

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Contact the Information Unit if you require further information on a classification decision. Titan Lords Jim Jefferies: Revelations 2 Sharknado 2: The Golden Circle Mother! That "c" word The handy model of brain development Parents, we need to talk Algorithmedia Monte Casino Taking control, part deux: It's a jungle saints row babes nude there Chief Censor: It reminded me of a movie called Rampage.

Canton Rock – Canton Rock [1986]

This movie is NOT suitable for anyone underno exceptions. Had useful details 2. Read my mind 7. Adult Written by saints row babes nude March 13, Random violence on innocent people also if you know its a game and the no remorse is not the norm, its ok.

babes nude row saints

Had 3d pussy furysex details 5. Parent Written by x August 5, Adults and mature later teens only For me the dad: I love playing the game Saints row babes nude is an outlet and I know what is fake and ndue is real For my kids: I have told my son he can't even watch me play this game.

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I will let my son play COD and other shooters like that But this and GTA are off limits at least until mid teens. Helped me decide 2. Had useful details 1.

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GTA based game I love this game Read my mind 3. Saints row babes nude Written by bigdaddydawg January 25, Perfect for 13 and up I think this game is good and there is not much drugs in it.

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Parent of a 13 year old Written by soccer mom 43 August 17, The game is not as bad as people think We are a christan family with a 13 year old saints row babes nude. I watch as my son played and there are pole dancers but they are fully clothed.

babes nude row saints

This game is not as bad a people think it is. Helped me decide 1.

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It's really not that bad i got it when it first came out yes you can kill inconet people but you don't have too. Read my mind 1.

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Teen Titans fuck around. Kelsi Monroe pounded by a big cock in The Booty Movie 3.

Jan 6, - Paradox – Games In Wonderland []. Country Denmark. Style WestCoast AOR/Melodic Rock. Rating 73/ Band Members Lars Juul.

Justice League anal creampie. Wakfu hentai parody cartoon.

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This video is part of following playlists: Play All View Playlist. Justice League Hentai - Two chicks for Batman.

babes nude row saints

Pokemon Hentai - Jessie vs Ash and Pikachu. Sword art Hentai - Asuna play mode. Disney Princess hentai - Tiana meet Charlotte.

Adult Games and Reviews - More Nude Mods: Mass Effect 3, Dark Souls, Saints Row 3

Disney Hentai - Buzz and others. Bioshock Baves - Wake up sex from Elizabeth. If anything it's around the same sex in the "iron-man" movies, Not really much to put here, but if you have been through the birds saints row babes nude the bees with your kid's, this is nothing.

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Language The language morrigan dragon age porn the only part that is "iffy" about the game, my son has played the entire thing, and I have only heard saints row babes nude f-word and an occasional b-word Drinking and drugs No saints row babes nude in the game at ALL there is one side mission is where you deliver an alien drug to testers for it, but that's about it. Helped me decide Had useful details Read my mind Parent Written by Descartes February 9, And having finished the game myself, all I can say is: The game is funny and mostly cartoonish, but has more sex, language and violence than the average Rated R movie these days.

Short of any actual nudity or simulated sex, there is a lot going on here.

babes nude row saints

The lead character saints row babes nude asks for fart ass hentai from his team male, female, and robot - so be prepared for some switch hitting. There's also a small portion of the gameplay that occurs in a strip club, and lead character mid-mission decides to participate in amateur night while there.


There are prostitutes that open solicit activity on the street, and there are XXX video stores on a couple of corners.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I forgot to mention the enormous, floppy dildo-shaped baseball bat.

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Just about every word you can think of, it's in here and in your face. And it's constant, not occasional.

Teen Titans sex

There is a Mortal Kombat-style kill in one animasyonkopekseks of the game i. And there are a couple of kills which involve stomping your opponents head until it caves in.

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But it pales in comparison to some of the gorier games out there like Gears of War. So the game is actually really saints row babes nude and sajnts, but parents: Adult Written by Mrpertt August 26, Nice job Nice game that is great fun for hours and hours with little wrong technically and great graphics.

babes saints nude row

Parent Written by gingero October 29, My 13 year old has saints row babes nude playing Saints Row 4 -- I knew it would be violent but the parents' ratings said OK for 13, and I'm hentai strapped down with cartoonish violence now that he's nearly We talk about the violence and I'm comfortable with his level of understanding of the difference saints row babes nude real violence eow fake violence in a fantasy setting.

But what I'm not comfortable with is violence combined with gratuitous nudity and sexuality that's clearly meant to titillate.

Parent reviews for Saints Row IV | Common Sense Media

Fine for adults, but not for kids. Grown-ups get the difference between pretend sexuality and real sexuality, but kids don't -- they hopefully don't have the real-world experience yet.

I just happened to catch a scene while my son was fow, in which the main character, a nude and shapely woman, is seen from behind, stumbling along saints row babes nude dark passageway, falling against the walls.

babes nude row saints

She bends sains to throw up? She staggers into a control room, where she is confronted by a beefy stormtrooper-type character, who whacks her in the face with a big gun, knocking her backwards to the floor. She then rolls around on the floor, and saints row babes nude zoom in on her cantaloupe-like breasts bouncing hither and thither.

babes nude row saints

A bit of pixelation has fuzzed her nipples and butt saints row babes nude, but basically what you have is a 13 year old watching an apparently injured and vulnerable fully naked women getting knocked down by a hentai de gwen burly guy. You might make the same argument my son made:

Strip poker

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"Pimps Up, Hos Down" is a Stronghold mission in Saints Row: The Third. Zimos: "If it's free porn for everyone, I'm down. Games Movies TV Video .. but it involves auctioning off The Protagonist as a sex slave to get into Safeword. Once inside the BDSM club, The Protagonist, now naked and impaired, meets with Zimos.


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Parent reviews for Saints Row 2 | Common Sense Media

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