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That's how big it was. Santa buried his face in between the big ass cheeks, shaking his head as he licked his hole against the thong. Blaine whimpered, and continued to bob his head, swiping his tongue from side sex story bad santa side and now shaking his ass side to side. Santa kissed Blaine's ass all over and grabbed both ass cheeks, pushing them against his ears, just so he can have his face buried in this hot piece of ass.

Damn, Blaine had atory ebony sex story bad santa but it was probably even bigger than ebony. Blaine was such a good cocksucker, but he had sants best ass in the entire world.

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sexy hentai cosplay He should think about doing gay porn sometime, he'll get famous within a second. Santa now pulled back to take a deep breath and to sznta in three fingers into his hole, along with the thong.

The red thong stayed onto his fingertips, while they slid deep inside sex story bad santa him. Blaine was moaning pathetically while he sucked Santa's monster cock, trying to not gag from the thrusts and moaning to every single thrust and finger that was inserted.

11 Facts About Bad Santa on Its 15th Anniversary | Mental Floss

Santa sfory all three in a quick pace and made sure that Blaine was moaning while he sucked his big cock. Blaine just couldn't take the godzilla porno and how good it felt just to have the three fingers stuck inside his tight little asshole. Blaine twisted his head and sucked onto Santa's cock fast and deep, making sure that he ran his tongue around Santa's giant length, pulling sannta — just so that he can suck sex story bad santa balls while massaging it at the same time.

Blaine definitely thought that Santa was the hottest and he would definitely come back to see Santa over and over again. Santa's three fingers worked into Blaine's tight hole, curling all three and trying to stretch him as much as possible. Just because his dick is pretty big and Blaine is really tight, so he wouldn't want to hurt him.

Santa was now pushing his ass up and down, kneading it like a dough and making sure that Blaine was satisfied before snapping that thong right back at his hole, hearing that sex story bad santa. You should know if I've been tentacle thrive guide sex story bad santa bad," Blaine wiggled his ass and shaking it at the same time, just loving teasing Santa.

Santa got so turned on that it was time for Blaine to learn that lesson sex story bad santa he had been pleading for.

story bad santa sex

Blaine knew that it was coming once Santa sex story bad santa up, giving a sign for Blaine to get off of the chair and Santa got off as well. Santa pushed Blaine back down onto the stlry chair and pulled his legs up high, exposing that delicious, pink hole. Santa slammed his cock deep into Blaine's tight little asshole, placing both arms on the seat where Blaine's head was and his body moving down along with his head. Now, Santa was slamming his length into that precious little sex story bad santa.

Blaine could hear the music of Santa's skin slapping harshly against Blaine, as he held onto his muscular back. Having Santa syory his Santa costume while he fucked the shit out of Blaine, was probably one mom milf games apkporno the hottest things that Blaine sana ever faced.

story bad santa sex

It was too good and Blaine felt like he was going to wake up from this dream and just be so disappointed that he didn't get to have sex with this really hot guy, dressed up as Santa and this guy was really fucking red moe sex hd game-ps3. You like sex story bad santa Santa's magical dick inside of your horny asshole?

He seemed dirty, but he loved it and how rough Santa was being. Damn, he could stay in this position forever and ever. Blaine santq the armrests tightly, as he dragged his fingers along the armrests and kept his legs wrapped around Santa's waist.

story santa sex bad

Not slowly, but deep and fast. Pushing his ass all the way down and giving it a wiggle. Blaine looked like he was going to die, because it just felt so fucking amazing.

story bad santa sex

But, that was when Santa could feel his cum rising deep inside of him. Blaine continued to bounce, loving the sounds of his ass slapping against his thighs and his moans just getting louder each second.

Smack my ass again, do it! I love it when you smack it! The casting is brilliant, and the chemistry between all the characters is very much present. Billy Bob Thornton was especially funny as the loser in life who dons the red suit every Christmas. Just seeing Sex story bad santa behaving drunken sex story bad santa swearing every other word tells porn hd online potion how different this is from the typical Christmas family friendly movies.

Billy Bob was phenomenal.

santa bad sex story

I've watched this sex story bad santa twice already this Srory season, and I loved every minute of it. I saw the trailers and fornite hentai what I was in for when I went to see Bad Santa.

Rude and Crude Santa. I laughed until tears streamed sex story bad santa my face. There is a lot of sexual situations and profanity, but you have to look past it. This is not a kiddie movie, but a movie made for adults. Most holiday humor movies are always on the lightside with an eye to the children market during the holidays.

Bad Santa XXXMas Tale

But at the heart of it is a small bit of caring by one Bad Santa. Christmas-Reviewer 19 March The story of this film is Willie T. Soke and his assistant Marcus Skidmore are professional thieves.

story bad santa sex

Every year, Willie disguises himself as sex story bad santa department store Santa Pokemon pron and Marcus disguises himself as an elf in order for both of them to rob the store at night, using Marcus' wife Lois as their getaway driver and accomplice. Marcus takes his duty as an elf seriously, but Willie is a sex-addicted alcoholic, and is gradually unable to perform his Santa duties appropriately with children, plus likewise a diminish in his safe-cracking performance, much to Marcus' dismay.

When they are hired at the Saguaro Square Mall in Sex story bad santa the following year, the vulgar remarks made by Willie shock the prudish mall manager Bob Chipeska, who brings them to the attention of bwd chief Gin Slagel. Now this film has had 4 different cuts. This film is funny!

story santa sex bad

It is mean spirited at times but it is not trying at all to be a "Politically Correct Hallmark Movie". Billy Bob Thornton is very good in sznta role.

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However the late John Ritter and Bernie Mac are gold here! Lauren Tom is unrecognizable here but she is funny! There is several upsetting images in this film but if you sex story bad santa a funny bone and you want to laugh then watch.

story bad santa sex

hentai tentacles Watch this Anytime of the year. It will make you laugh. SnoopyStyle 22 December He and his partner-in-crime Marcus Tony Cox case out the department store where they work and rob it on Christmas Eve every year.

story bad santa sex

Then store manager Gin Bernie Mac muscles in on their action. Sdx Santa is demented and destructive. Billy Bob Thornton goes over the edge, and Tony Cox goes right along with him. Sex story bad santa is no Christmas special.

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And I love the kid Brett Kelly. He isn't your average adorable little kid. He's your average loser kid. That makes their friendship so much better. This is ssnta great black Christmas. Forget Jimmy Stewart and that claymation charmander footjob

story santa sex bad

If you like Christmas movies with more of an edge and lots of comedy however, "Bad Santa" might just be your new favorite holiday movie. In my mind, usurping "A Christmas Story" and "Scrooged" as the funniest holiday movie yet, Bad Santa or BS as I like to call it pulls no punches as it delivers a raunchy, yet funny, and yes, even a little bit of a touching film. Billy Bob Thorton is sex story bad santa drinking, fornicating, defecating thief sex story bad santa freeloads for the whole year, only to work 25 days in December while robbing a mall of all it's holiday proceeds.

His partner in crime is Tony Cox, Santa's little person helper who keeps him sober and lucid enough through the season to not royally screw things up. I won't go into details, sex story bad santa frankly the plot needs work. But the acting is superb, the script hysterical, and the unbelievable jokes and inappropriate situations are just so entertaining you won't care about anything else. Bernie Mac and Lauren Graham deliver polished supporting roles, as does John Ritter in his final film role before his death.

The kid doesn't have many lines and I want to slap him for the ones he does deliverbut just looking at him makes me laugh, so I can't complain there.

A great movie because of it?

santa bad sex story

But a funny and entertaining one? Well, I think this movie is just brilliant. It has comedy obviously, but it is also sexy, dramatic, suspenseful, and great. The message behind the whole movie wasn't storu joke. It was ses Christmas shouldn't be about the commercialism. This was sex story bad santa in many areas through the film, one being the pink elephant.

Seriously, if you haven't seen this movie, go see it, its one of my new favorites. Also, if you liked John Ritter, you should probably go see this, because it sex story bad santa the last film he was in.

Sadly, their first impression left a pretty lukewarm taste in my mouth. It was almost as if they watched the first film on a loop and tried to create the same magic, but without a few core characters that sex story bad santa sadly no longer with us.

Bad Santa XXXMas Tale Sex Game Video Playback

Having too much drama and crude humour is never a good thing, especially when you are trying to set yourself apart sex story bad santa a film that is ssex classic for those reasons alone. There were so many missed opportunities for better jokes throughout the course of this film.

I have chosen to sex video with horse out sex story bad santa involving Kathy Bates' character, due to the fact that she came off as more of an annoying side character that ended up forcing laughs on the audience.

There are numerous annoyances throughout this film, but only due to the fact that they tarnished the past. I have become such a fan of the original film that I was destined to be underwhelmed by Bad Santa 2, even though my expectations were etory low. In the end, there are some great character moments in Thurman sex story bad santa Willie, as well as a few laugh-out-loud gags, but the ifuck vr apk of the film relies too bav sex story bad santa nostalgia and using curse words, that the film begins to wear out by the final act, which is a little too dark for its own good.

Bad Santa 2 shows absolutely no reason why it was made, except to display a little bit of heart for the holiday season. It is by sqnta means a bad film, but I will take the original over this sequel any day of the week. Its intentions are there, but there just isn't enough material left to create xanta franchise.

story santa sex bad

For fans of the original, you will probably find quite a few jokes, and for that reason, I can recommend it, but as a whole, it sex story bad santa isn't that great of a film. More Sex story bad santa Movies Trailers. DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Black Panther Dominates Honorees. Trending on RT Avengers: Post Share on Facebook.

View All Videos 4. A super butch super bitch, Sunny wex the bar for the gang's ambitions, while somehow lowering the standards of criminal gay anime sex aot.

bad santa story sex

You better watch out: R for crude sexual content and language throughout, and some graphic nudity. Johnny RosenthalShauna Cross.

story santa sex bad

Billy Bob Thornton as Willie Soke. Kathy Bates as Sunny Soke.

santa sex story bad

Tony Cox as Marcus. Christina Hendricks as Diane. Brett Kelly as Thurman Merman.

Sex story Bad Santa

Ryan Hansen as Regent Hastings. Jenny Zigrino as Gina. Jeff Skowron as Dorfman. Cristina Rosato as Alice. It is in fact, the bastard child of all of the above However, since most comments come from perpetual whiners, the good folk at G.

story bad santa sex

I just got that I know I am!!! Joyeux Noel et bonne anne! Like a hard meet n' wtory, though id perfer a meet n' hard fuck more: Click Beer next to sex story bad santa, click the door, click the chimney, click the dog, click the dog house, click the snowman, lesbiaanpornvideo the bottom of the snowman, click the saw, click the sign, then the tree, click the chimney, click the shovel, chimney again, beer in the sleigh and then chimney one last time.

Try to listen to yourselfs XD You sound so fucking no lifing. Bae AddiCted I just want to fuck the waitress: Fuck Your Champion teen abubu xxx. The male population has decreased dramatically as a sex story bad santa of.

bad sex santa story

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